At Corrective Massage Therapy, your health and wellness are our primary concerns. We understand that each individual has specific needs - from stress reduction to postural distortion to chronic pain - and requires specialized treatment.

Rather than focus on one type of therapy, we work with you to determine the best course of treatment. In every session, we will utilize the combination of modalities necessary to help facilitate your healing process.

Our staff is dedicated and committed to providing exceptional care. In addition to providing the appropriate corrective therapies, we want to support you in developing the lifestyle changes necessary for promoting optimum long-term health.

Corrective Therapy Tailored To You
Your Massage therapist will recommend a combination of the following modalities to address your needs:

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  Neuromuscular Therapy
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  Active Isolation Stretching
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  Detoxing Footbath
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  Raindrop Therapy
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  Deep Tissue Massage
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Massage and Palliative Cancer Therapy

In recent years the role of alternative treatment in cancer care has transformed the way many patients cope with illness and related side of effects. An older paradigm suggested that cancer could only be effectively treated with traditional treatments like surgical resection, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Many patients refused this notion and sought alternative therapies outside of their treatment regimen not were not only relaxing but eased side-effects associated with traditional treatment regimens, including those caused by chemotherapy drugs.

Today, not only patients but also the medical establishment recognizes the importance of alternative therapies, and particularly the importance of massage therapy in comprehensive cancer care. Massage, like most alternative cancer therapies, is most effective when used in conjunction with traditional treatments.

Massage is unique in alternative cancer therapy because it is able to remedy feelings of isolation that many patients battling a difficult disease encounter. The experience of human contact is particularly important when facing a difficult diagnosis and massage can provide that unique experience to cancer patients, who often succumb to feelings of being overwhelmed by the nature of their diagnosis, family implications, and other difficulties associated with cancer treatments.

Often, the most valuable treatments to patients battling a difficult diagnosis are those which can allow the patient to be as comfortable as possible. Patients battling aggressive cancers, such as malignant mesothelioma, often forgo traditional treatments which will put their body through a great deal of stress and discomfort in favor of those such as massage, which provide peace of mind and comfort. Patients receiving treatment using traditional mesothelioma surgery or chemotherapy drugs often find that therapies which are able to relax their mind and body will dramatically lessen side effects like nausea, restlessness, and fever.

As with any treatment, massage therapy may or may not benefit a particular patient's treatment regimen. However, given the positive experience many patients have benefited from, it is certainly worth exploring. Maximizing your cancer treatment with cooperation between patient, family, and physician will allow patients to live longer, healthier, and be more comfortable, which is the goal of all comprehensive therapies.


"Juliana Is Awesome..."

Juliana is an awesome therapist! Last January she saw my arm in a brace and asked me what was wrong. I was scheduled for surgery for carpal tunnel the following week. She told me if I would come and see her once a week for 3 weeks, I would not have to have surgery. She was correct! I am pain free now. I could almost feel the inflammation being rubbed out. She has marvelous hands and elbows. She makes you feel relaxed and is very knowledgeable about what she does. I would strongly recommend her to anyone. 

Betty Smith


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