Juliana was appointed to the
Massage Licensure Board by
Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen!
She served five terms on the
massage board.

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"Introducing Myself and My Mission"

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"I could almost feel the healing begin..."

I've run seven marathons with a personal record of 2:29.31, but three years ago I hit a low-point. I had injured my IT-Band and was not able to run more than 30 minutes without the pain literally stopping me in my tracks. I would start off each run pain-free but right around 4 miles I'd feel a twinge that would intensify so much that if any ax murder started chasing me, I'd have no choice but to turn around and fight. The pain was that bad. At first I saw an array of doctors who recommended rigorous physical therapy. I took their advice and for two hours each week, smack in the middle of the work-day, I did all sorts of exercises and stretches. It was a terrible inconvenience and, worst of all, it didn't help me at all. I made no improvements and every run was the same. Pain-free for 30 minutes, on the sidewalk stretching at 35. At that point, I thought about taking six months off from running. I didn't even want to think about it anymore. I was inconsolable. Then I ran into an old friend at bar one night and she recommended I see Juliana. She has worked with some of the Titans, she told me, and will work wonders for you. Naturally, I was skeptical but I figured I'd try one last time to salvage my running.

So I saw Juliana and she applied considerable pressure to my IT band and hamstrings. While it hurt, I could almost feel the healing begin. When Juliana was finished, I asked her when I could run again. I figured she'd say 2-4 weeks. She told me I could run the next day. "How long?" I asked. She said try 45 minutes. Well sure enough I ran 45 minutes the next day and felt fine. Like nothing ever happened. The ax murderer wouldn't have a chance now. Two weeks later I was running 70-miles-a week, won a few races, and, in the months ahead, set 10 mile and marathon PRs. Since then I've seen Juliana whenever I've experienced nagging injuries and just about every time, she'd fix me. I don't know what I'd do without her.

Matt Pulle Senior Writer Nashville Scene

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"After the first treatment I dropped to no pain pills..."

Let me begin by thanking Corrective Massage Therapy for helping me be able to work on a daily basis. When I began visiting Juliana, I was told that the only way I would receive any relief from constant pain was to have my back fused together. I was told I had a broken spine at L-5 and S-1. I have had several spinal injections in my back. These helped, but I was also wearing a 100 mg pain patch that was changed every three days and two high-powered pain pills with the patch. My daily work was becoming extremely hard to do. When I went to the store I rode a motorized cart. This at age 41.

My wife made a strong suggestion that I should see if massage therapy would help before I did something stupid, like surgery. I am 6' 2" and 250 pounds. Surgery would be difficult to recover from. That was a year ago.

After the first treatment with Juliana I dropped to no pain pills. From there I went to a 25 mg patch once a week. After the fourth week I stopped all pain medication.

Would I have believed this? I am not sure. But now I do not miss my appointment. I only wish I had known it sooner. I would not have suffered the worst pain I had ever experienced. Do I ever miss my appointment? NO WAY.

Thanks again,
Jimmy Byrd, Owner
Pine Haven Landscaping

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"She has a gift from God in her hands..."

I met Juliana in the spring of 2001 and she has been helping me with pain relief control ever since. I suffer from continuous chronic pain. Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS), Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome (RSDS)/Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS II), etc.

At the time I met Juliana, I had been in extreme pain for almost seven years; it started with RSDS in my hands and in the summer of 1999, the pain started spreading to all the muscles in my body. By the time Juliana and I met, the muscles on the left side of my body had gotten so tight a vertebrae in my back was pulled out of place and I could only take very shallow breathes due to the extreme pain; in addition, the muscles on the left side of my body were so tight and pulled up that my left leg was two inches shorter than the right leg. I was on high doses of narcotics, muscle relaxers, medications to calm the Central Nervous System, etc. to control the pain, but nothing was addressing the problem or stopping the progression of the diseases.

On the day I met Juliana, she politely and correctly identified my MPS and suggested a Pain Clinic to initially get it under control. Juliana has been treating my condition ever since. I don't know what I would have done nor where I would have been now without Juliana, "My Angel..." My painful condition will never totally be cured and go away, but I feel so blessed that God made Juliana's and my paths cross... because I sincerely feel that she has a gift from God in her hands and heart to help people like me and others. I do thank the Lord daily for sending Juliana to me to help control my pain situation.

I see Juliana alone once per month. She travels from Nashville to Knoxville to help some of my friends with similar pain conditions and me. Now is that "my Angel" or not?


Joy J. Angelelli Knoxville, TN

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"This therapy can and will bring healing to you..."

I came to know Mrs. Juliana Glasgow-Trotman at a time when my body was in much distress. For many years I had suffered with low back pain that made it very painful to lay on a massage table. Frequently after a massage, I would get off of the table unable to walk or move without laying down on my side on a soft surface for 30 minutes or more. Close to the beginning of our association, I was involved in an automobile accident where I experienced side-to-side whiplash and exacerbation of the low back problems. Also, due to the nature of my employment I am continuously injuring and re-injuring my left shoulder

In is through the ministrations of Mrs. Glasgow-Trotman that I am able to say that my body is healing and I find myself far more agile and capable of using my body even more flexibly than in my youth. My neck injury has healed completely with eleven weeks of twice-a-week corrective massage and my my lower back is improving at a rate that astounds me. I have regular massage and more often than not I am able to leave the massage table feeling relaxed and strong, without pain. My shoulder is also improving even though I continue to re-injure it in my work.

I recommend Mrs. Glasgow-Trotman and Corrective massage Therapy without reserve. If your body has been injured, this therapy can and will bring healing to you. If life's stresses have brought you out of balance, this therapy will help to realign your structure. You will feel better!


Roni Angel
Chord Therapy
Nashville, TN

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"I now wake up in the morning without pain..."

I own and run a horse farm, which means manual labor from dawn to dusk every day. I clean stalls, lift bags of feed, buckets of water, ride and train horses along with my manager/trainer who is also a patient of Juliana Trotman's.

My major problem came two years ago when I hurt my back and was diagnosed with a ruptured disc. The nerve damage was so severe that it created a dropped foot. I had back problems off and on but this crippled me. My doctors recommended surgery, which I did not want. I chose to take three months -- not doing anything at all. The first month and a half, I had complete bed rest because I was in too much pain to do anything.

After three months I was able to move with pain but not able to function normally. I took anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, and an epidural, but nothing helped the sciatic pain.

THEN -- a business woman in Nashville told me a massage Therapist who comes to Nashville once a month from Florida does corrective work was very helpful to her. I had chiropractic and massage treatments many years ago before this episode, and they helped so I decided to try Juliana.

From the first time I got on her table I immediately knew she was going to help me.

I only signed for an hour, but after one day of rest I came back for two hours. From then on, once a month when she was here I had two or three hours. I was improving well.

Juliana moved to Nashville in July of 1998. Since then I see her every week and because I have improved so well, I am on a program to loosen muscles and joints and improve posture; two hour massage one week alternating the next week with isolated stretching.

In the middle of all this I had a lump found on my thymus and thought it was cancer. I had surgery for that, the night before the surgery Juliana helped me relax with a very soothing massage which is not what she chooses to do; her forte is corrective work. After the surgery she came to my house and help with one of the problems which was a swollen arm because of the surgery she was able to lymph drainage work to help with that problem.

My recovery was very speedy I am sure it was because of the therapy; I was back riding in one week not well, but I was on.

I will be 51 years old in June. I had decided that I was not going to be able to do the things I like to do. I know now that Juliana has changed my life for the better and I am back to doing every thing with out pain. I lift buckets of water, fifty pound bags of feed, my posture is better, my riding is better, my abs are stronger, the stretching has opened up my chest and brought me more flexibility.

I now wake up in the morning without pain. I haven't done this in years it is exhilarating  to be pain free. I am stiff sometimes, but I can work thru that with stretches Juliana gives me to do at home.

It is PHENOMENAL; I never thought it would be this way. It takes a long time but Corrective massage Therapy WORKS!

Josephine Simpson

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"Gives me more relief than any conventional physical therapy..."

I have had numerous orthopedic surgical procedures and the last one has had the easiest recovery with the help of Ms. Glasgow-Trotman. I began to see her immediately before the procedure and have seen her since and have made excellent progress.

With the myofascial release I am now almost drug-free and have been subject to much less pain. The techniques used have also improved my gait and posture. Areas of induration around the scar tissue are more flexible and no longer have sensitive areas. Although I am far from a complete recovery, the myofascial release has given me more relief than any conventional physical therapy modalities.

If you would like further recommendation of Ms. Glasgow-Trotman you may contact me.

Marcella M. Mika, RN

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"After one session my husband dropped 5 lbs. one day..."

I met Juliana in May 1997 when Dr. George Moore, Internist, had been very enthusiastic over her success with massage therapy in his life; and having problems himself with different vertebrae he was cautious to try massage.

After one 2 hour session with Juliana my husband Waylon was able to drop 5 lbs. one day followed by another drop of 5 lbs. the next day. The Dr.'s had tried Lasix therapy by injection and by mouth to deal with a struggle that had followed a winter of treatment for respiratory and allergic reactions to a problem of fluid retention. Several weeks later Juliana came to Nashville at my request to again try to break the cycle of weight gain caused by fluid buildup. After being hospitalized 3 days and indirectly treating the water weight he was most uncomfortable sleeping and walking. So after she worked one evening and half the next day in short sessions - again his body began to work for itself and more gradually began shedding this weight.

We're thankful for her help and her talents.

Mrs. Waylon Jennings
Nashville, TN

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"After the first time, I slept - without pills - for the first time in two months"

Dear Juliana,

You have been on my mind daily since you so miraculously 'fixed' me in Nashville. I hope the thanks I feel are received by you in some form - I apologize for not writing sooner.

Here's the full story: In September I went to Hong Kong on business. I flew in via Japan and went straight to sleep - woke in the morning early and proceeded to buy stones. Did this for three days, carrying a cloth bag on each shoulder thinking I was distributing the weight evenly. On Saturday night - I was leaving Monday - I went to bed early because I had worked so hard to finish up that day. At 5:00 am Sunday I turned over in bed and heard a ripping sound. I thought it was a sheet and moved to turn on the light. That's when I discovered it was me.

I was swallowed up by pain. Sweating and crying I got dressed and went to the front desk to request a doctor - they recommended a massage expert who was in their hotel.

He worked on my shoulder where the pain was centered five minutes, then said - broken - and stopped work.

I took what pain pills I could find, packed up using my right arm only, and got the plane. The only way I could stay in the seat was by crushing plastic cups beneath my shoulder blade. I drank all the liquor I could get but it didn't change my condition.

Landing in Newark, I ran to the exit. My friend who picked me up took one look at me and left for the hospital as fast as possible. There, I was treated for heart attack - negative - broken scapula - negative - and finally diagnosed with one, possibly two, herniated discs - one in the neck, one just below the neck. I was given a large prescription for a muscle relaxer and percoset.

I couldn't lie down and couldn't sleep. The pain was unremitting. I exhausted the prescription shortly. My doctor, an osteopath, examined me and gave me a shot of cortisone in the shoulder and an analgesic shot. I still couldn't sleep, work, or even talk coherently. Four weeks had passed. I had 14 appointments with my chiropractor who said she could not adjust me because my back was in constant spasm.

The osteopath sent me to a specialist in skeletal disorders. He recommended surgery and gave me an open-end prescription for a new pain medication - anaprox.

In the six weeks since I work up in Hong Kong I have been prescribed, percoset, noxicet, darvon, tylenol with codeine, indomethacin, naproxen, and 2 other muscle relaxants whose names I've forgotten.

Nothing helped. I slept fitfully, sitting up. My children thought I was going to die. I couldn't remember anything, or work in any way.

My friend in Nashville, Amy, recommended you. I couldn't stand the thought of another plane ride, but the only lucid thought I was entertaining was suicide, so I went to Nashville.

You worked on me twice and gave me some simple stretching exercises.

After the first time, I slept - without pills - for the first time in two months. The next afternoon the pain returned, but less so. After the second session I was able to behave like a normal person, walk, talk, sleep in a bed. A week later, back at home, I discontinued all pills, and also all doctors.

I continue to improve, and occasionally have sensation in my left hand. Sometimes it goes and I drop things and feel clumsy.

However, I am back to working eight to ten hours a day and hoping to get my business back on its feet.

The hope that follows that is the big one - seeing you again for a week and getting in good shape.

Even if I don't, I am thanking you every day - But I would love to see you again!

Best Wishes,
Jan (Palombo)

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"I came to Juliana suffering from a 19 year old back injury."

I spent a lot of years focusing on pain control. Vanderbilt gave me medication that had me vomiting stuff that looked like coffee grounds. I can't count the chiropractor visits. They helped tremendously and made it possible to get off the pain medication.

I was skeptical that massage could help, but a friend of mine would just not let up until I went. I am so glad he did because Juliana has been my ticket out of pain. I used to say that pain was my constant companion. I don't have to say that any longer, unless I miss a session and then my body quickly reminds me that I need to listen to Juliana.

You'll pay money to get out of pain. Pain short circuits the brain. Pain is misery. If my story encourages anyone else to give Juliana a try, that will be wonderful. She has changed the quality of my life so much more than I can tell you.

Larry Dever

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